Mayden is a sleep lab standardization program developed by experienced Canadian sleep professionals specific for China. It is a customized and integrated system offering complete training and support. With the help of Mayden, you will experience rapid progress in your sleep lab within several weeks.

Mayden brings you international standard work procedures and 38 of the most important clinical references (including practice parameters, article reviews, clinical guidelines or best practice guides). All of the sleep lab procedures are approved by AAST which will help your staff conduct sleep studies, diagnostics and treatment in a standard way.

Mayden consists of three main steps:

Step One: Assessment & Online Education Program

MRG is a BRPT designated sleep education provider. The English-Chinese version of the On-line STAR Program developed by MRG is very convenient for Chinese learners. The customer usually needs 3 months to complete the online modules before moving onto the next step.

Step Two: On site face to face intensive training

After 3 month’s online self-learning, MRG’s experienced teacher will enter the customers sleep lab to deliver a one week face to face intensive onsite training. This includes demonstration and hands on training, review of clinical procedures and a Q&A session to ensure all questions are answered from the clinical practice.

Step Three: Long term support and remote quality control

Following step two, we offer a long term (1 year) continuous remote support, ensuring top performance and sustainable development of your sleep lab. This includes monthly scoring reviews, quarterly overall reviews and general reassessment by the end of the service year.

By such training and ongoing follow up, we can help staff reach the requirement of AAST quickly, and offer the best access for individuals to pass the RPSGT exam.