Accredited Education

Accredited Programs To Suit You

MRG Sleep Solutions is offering one of the most comprehensive sleep education programs available in a state-of-the-art facility. There is a small class ratio size that provide students with more hands-on time, and instructors more direct one-on-one student contact. The program is designed to provide a full sleep training experience covering all aspects of sleep medicine, sleep training and Polysomnography training.

MRG Sleep Solutions has been accredited by the BRPT as STAR (Sleep Training Approved Resource) Provider. We have both Self-study and Focused programs.

Become a Certified Respiratory Educator. With our robust and comprehensive Diploma courses in Asthma and COPD in partnership with ResTrec, you will build and enhance competencies, skills and knowledge towards becoming effective educators and valued members of an integrated environment of chronic disease management care.