Programs for the Professional

First in Canada and now in other continents, MRG has developed exceptional clinical expertise in sleep disordered breathing and chronic lung disease management. We will continue to provide unparalleled patient care through innovative wholistic multidisciplinary health care models. And look forward to servicing new healthcare organizations and expanding our relationships with professionals looking in being part of our success.

We are sharing our sleep diagnostics expertise with the world. This customizable program covers all considerations for sleep lab assessment, planning, setup, successful operation and certification.

With ample experience in COPD clinical service delivery, MRG works with health region organizations, insurance companies and specialists to properly manage those affected by chronic lung disease. Our dedicated staff educate and monitor patients to prevent exacerbations, deliver therapy formulated by their physicians and identify those candidates for our pulmonary rehabilitation program.

We are improving the alertness and health of those individuals working night shifts and in safety sensitive positions. Through our Stay Awake Program, we educate, test, diagnose and treat those that are affected by fatigue and OSA.

MRG utilizes technology as a powerful tool to quickly diagnose the cause of unexplained respiratory symptoms and monitor patients with known respiratory disease.

MRG offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to become accredited in their field of specialization through leading industry recognized accreditation programs. There is a small class ratio size that provide students with more hands-on time, and instructors more direct one-on-one student contact. The programs are designed to provide you with a full Sleep or COPD management training experience.