Who is MRG?

Our History

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company and the family that has become known as Maple Respiratory Group Inc.

Our journey began on April 1st, 2001 (no joke) with the original founders of RHS Canada; Ben Asuchak and Rod Rousseau literally strategizing on napkins and over beer. These were the good ole days as Rod later learned he had Celiac’s and is no longer able to drink beer. He has taken to gin and tonic just fine!

Our full-service programs combined the delivery of oxygen therapy modalities and the associated follow up care along with in home sleep apnea testing and CPAP equipment provision. With the rapid growth came the need to standardize our practices. Our folksy approach to care required an immense push toward professionalism. With this mindset in 2008 we were awarded full accreditation status through the leading healthcare standardization organization in the country – Accreditation Canada. In thirteen short years with more than 53 offices in Canada and 250 employees RHS became the third largest provider of sleep and chronic lung disease products and services in Canada. In 2014 our Canadian homecare division was sold to VitalAire Canada Inc. to consider the expansion of our true passion… we were not done dreaming or growing…

From humble beginnings to now offices in four cities and serving Canada, China and Colombia.

Beyond 2017 our Dream is to be in a total of 8 countries by 2022 with a longer vision to change the lives of 5 million individuals who suffer chronic lung disease & sleep disordered breathing.

Looking Forward

Although Maple Respiratory Group Inc was not officially organized until 2014 upon the sale of our Canadian homecare division RHS, our international expansion began in 2011 in China.

We recognized the need for standardization of chronic disease management programs in growing economies around the world. We have taken what we have learned in our North American system added what we believed to be missing and tailored it to health systems who are wanting a more consistent standardized approach to diagnosis and follow up care.

Our philosophy and vision is to deliver a wholistic model of care to address the primary disease state of sleep disordered breathing and chronic lung disease or both. We recognize that although there is a primary diagnosis there are comorbidity states that go hand in hand with the primary diagnosis. Our wholistic multidisciplinary model of care addresses these issues and will work with the patient, their family and their medical doctor to get to the root of their problem. Our goal is to address their dietary, pharmacological, physical challenges all while providing emotional and psychological support.

To begin we recognized education of the “system” is critical. We have educational programs to provide healthcare professionals the tools to challenge internationally recognized exams for certification as Registered Polysomnographic Technicians or Certified Respiratory Educators.

This education then broadens to educate physicians, funding agencies and governments to understand the challenges in their health systems as they relate to these disease states and a process by which they can gain practical foundational infrastructure and a process to follow that can bypass decades of learning and mistakes.

Since coming to the Chinese market, we have established joint venture relationships with numerous hospitals to develop their sleep and pulmonary rehabilitation divisions, launched educational programs with a multitude of multinational equipment manufacturers, collaborated in research projects with leading physician groups in their fields to evaluate the effectiveness of their sleep disordered diagnostic programs. A significant accomplishment is dedicated to working with leading sleep associations in growing economies to establish consistent standardization of sleep diagnostics and technician education and registration. In 2016 we established a relationship with the leading sleep organization in China dedicated to sleep disordered breathing known as the Chinese Association of Geriatric Sleep Sciences. This collaborative effort will work with government agencies to establish a standardization for polysomnographic laboratories to follow. In addition, our partnership will deliver a standardized sleep technician training program and registration process for newly certified sleep technicians in China.

We began market research and investment in Colombia in 2012. Our growth in Colombia has been nothing short of phenomenal. By the end of 2017 our group will be operating in seven cities, in seven clinics and laboratories and 1 administration office, employing 165 individuals and delivering care to over 18,000 patients.

Beyond 2017 our Dream is to be in a total of 8 countries by 2022 with a longer vision to change the lives of 5 million individuals who suffer chronic lung disease and sleep disordered breathing. We will continue to work with leading agencies in all regions of the world to establish standards and registration processes within their cultural framework.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We would like to invite you to reach out to us to explore any opportunities you feel would benefit you or your organization on any level.

Ben Asuchak, RRT, CEO

Where We Are, Where We’re Going


We are proud to be based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, value our strong partnerships in China and Colombia, and excited about the possibilities of more countries.