Word On The Street

MRG is committed to providing the best possible healthcare services for our patients, unmatched wholistic multidisciplinary health care models for clients and education and training for healthcare professionals. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your compliments. Here are just a few of them.

Our family is so thankful for the care and expertise that Sound Sleep Solutions offered our family. Our son was referred for a sleep consultation with Dr. Witmans and we are so thankful that he was! My wife and I had always thought that our son was just a difficult kid. He had never been a good sleeper, waking up several times per night despite our efforts at sleep training. In the mornings he was sleepy and grumpy and would alternate between bouts of hyperactive behaviour and sleepiness throughout the day. He was a fussy eater and hadn’t been growing and gaining weight as was expected for a child his age. He always breathed through his mouth and snored (though quietly) most nights.

When Dr. Witmans recommended he undergo a PSG, we weren’t sure how the staff would possibly get our busy four year old to sleep in a room with wires connected to him all night. The staff was so patient with him and the entire night of the PSG went better than we could have ever imagined. As a result of his PSG, our son was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, reflux, asthma and restless leg syndrome. After three months of treatment for these conditions, we are amazed at the turnaround in our little guy! He sleeps throughout the night and wakes up chipper and refreshed. Mealtime is no longer a battle, and he is finally growing and gaining some weight! We are so thankful to Dr. Witmans and the staff at Sound Sleep Solutions for helping our son and highly recommend their services to any family experiencing sleep problems.”

Luke F., Chestermere, AB

A generous thank you gift from an appreciative patient after an appointment.

“I would highly recommend Sound Sleep Solutions to any parent of a child with sleep issues. Our family physician recommended testing for obstructive sleep apnea for my four year old daughter after three years of loud snoring, hyperactivity throughout the day and problems falling asleep at night.

We were referred to the Children’s Hospital and placed on a two-year wait list. I began to do some research for alternative options and found Sound Sleep Solutions. After requesting a referral from my physician, we were seen for our initial appointment in two weeks and it turned out to be one of the best things that I could have done for my daughter’s health.

Our experience throughout the whole process was truly exceptional. Dr. Witman’s was wonderful with my daughter – she is warm, compassionate and took the time to fully assess my daughter and explain the diagnostic process. It was very evident that she loves her patients and that she has a passion for helping kids sleep better. I am very grateful for the quality of care that my daughter received at Sound Sleep Solutions.”

Katie G., Calgary, AB