Growing strong for over 15 years – Maple Respiratory operates in four cities, eight offices, employing 183 individuals and delivering care to over 11,000 patients.

Our team members represent the spirit and vision of our company: passionate, dedicated, and highly aware of Maple Respiratory Group’s unlimited growth potential.

With offices in Canada, China and Colombia, Maple Respiratory Group is a growing company with endless opportunities.

Our pride comes from the contribution our company and team members make to the communities and healthcare sectors we serve.

MRG is committed to providing the best possible healthcare services for our patients, unmatched wholistic multidisciplinary health care models for clients and education and training for healthcare professionals.

Being active in three countries, two continents, having ten locations and caring for thousands of patients – we have so much that we want to share.

Our wholistic multidisciplinary model of care begins with committed doctors and clinicians, but is enhanced by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies for the proper diagnostic and therapy of sleep disordered breathing and chronic lung disease.